[Eclipia] Dark Souls 3 All Items Location Guide!


M1. Cemetery of Ash



5:31/Soul of a Deserted Corpse(200 Souls)

5:54/Consumable : Ashen Estus Flask

7:06/Soul of an Unknown Traveler(800 Souls)

7:09/Material : Ravenous Crystal Lizard - Titanite Scale

8:56/Bonfire : Cemetery of Ash

9:09/Gesture : Rest

10:08/Firebomb 5 ea

10:51/Material : Titanite Shard





M2. Iudex Gundyr



2:01/Event Item : Coiled Sword

2:06/Bonfire : Iudex Gundyr





M3. Firelink Shrine



0:36/Weapon : Broken Straight Sword

0:54/Homeward Bone

1:56/Consumable : Ember

2:38/Bonfire : Firelink Shrine

2:53/NPC : Fire Keeper

7:14/NPC : Hawkwood

8:07/Gesture : Collapse

9:13/NPC : Ludleth

10:39/NPC : Shrine Handmaid

11:33/Weapon : Torch

13:08/NPC : Andre

16:26/Gesture : Hurrah!





M4. Crow & Covetous Silver Serpent Ring



0:55/Soul of a Deserted Corpse(200 Souls)

1:17/Homeward Bone 3 ea

1:35/NPC : Crow

2:09/Material : Large Titanite Shard

2:14/Consumable : Estus Shard

2:26/Hidden Place : Covetous Silver Serpent Ring's Place

2:38/Ring : Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

4:35/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

6:17/Weapon : Uchigatana 

6:17/Set Item : Master Set Item

7:02/Shield : East West Shield

7:18/Consumable : Ember

7:53/Homeward Bone

10:23/Bonfire : High Wall of Lothric





M5. High Wall of Lothric Part 1



1:52/Consumable : Ember

1:52/Material : Titanite Shard

2:06/Weapon : Longbow

2:06/'Standard Arrow 12 ea

3:31/Soul of a Deserted Corpse(200 Souls)

4:30/Soul of a Deserted Corpse(200 Souls)

5:13/Consumable : Binoculars

5:55/Gold Pine Resin 2 ea

6:07/Firebomb 2 ea

6:37/Soul of a Deserted Corpse(200 Souls)





M6. High Wall of Lothric Part 2



0:21/Material : Large Titanite Shard

0:30/Consumable : Ember

0:34/Weapon : Club

0:46/Weapon : Claymore

0:49/Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse(400 Souls)

1:47/Weapon : Deep Battle Axe

2:11/Shortcut : Dragon's Tower

2:57/Soul of a Deserted Corpse(200 Souls)

3:20/Bonfire : Tower on the Wall

3:40/Firebomb 3 ea

4:11/Soul of a Deserted Corpse(200 Souls)

4:52/Consumable : Ember

4:52/Material : Titanite Shard

4:57/Firebomb 3 ea

5:03/Material : Crystal Lizard - Raw Gem

5:11/Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse(400 Souls)

5:26/Black Firebomb 3 ea

5:43/Firebomb 3 ea

6:18/Undead Hunter Charm 2 ea

6:33/Material : Titanite Shard

6:59/Soul of a Deserted Corpse(200 Souls)

7:20/Weapon : Broadsword

9:14/Shield : Silver Eagle Kite Shield

9:48/Green Blossom 2 ea

9:57/Weapon : Astora Straight Sword

10:06/Consumable : Estus Shard

10:14/Material : Titanite Shard

10:26/Key : Cell Key





M7. High Wall of Lothric Part 3



1:13/Consumable : Ember

1:20/Weapon : Rapier

1:30/Consumable : Ember

1:54/Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse(400 Souls)

2:00/Ring : Ring of Sacrifice

2:23/White Pantom : Lion Knight Albert

2:34/Soul of a Deserted Corpse(200 Souls)

3:35/Weapon : Lucerne

4:17/Material : Refined Gem

4:53/NPC : Emma

5:40/Event Item : Small Lothric Banner

6:09/Covenant : Way of Blue

7:35/Boss Room : Vordt of the Boreal Valley

7:56/White Pantom : Sword Master

8:48/Throwing Knife 6 ea

8:52/Shortcut : Vordt of the Boreal Valley





M8. High Wall of Lothric Part 4



0:52/Throwing Knife 8 ea

1:05/Weapon : Mail Breaker

1:15/Locker Door : Cell Key

1:18/NPC : Greirat

2:42/Ring : Blue Tearstone Ring

3:58/Material : Titanite Shard

5:24/NPC : Greirat





M9. Vordt of Boreal Vally



0:47/Green Blossom 3 ea

2:59/Consumable : Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt

3:24/Bonfire : Vordt of the Boreal Valley





M10. Lothric Knight Shield



4:41/Shield : Lothric Knight Shield





M11. Undead Settlement Part 1



1:21/Bonfire : Foot of the High Wall

1:33/Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse(400 Souls)

2:40/Alluring Skull 2 ea

2:52/Homeward Bone 2 ea

2:58/NPC : Yoel

4:38/Bonfire : Undead Settlement

5:03/Shield : Small Leather Shield

5:13/Charcoal Pine Resin Bundle 2 ea

5:34/Repair Powder 2 ea

6:01/Charcoal Pine Resin Bundle 2 ea

6:19/Event Item : Loretta's Bone

7:40/Soul of an Unknown Traveler(800 Souls)

8:58/Consumable : Estus Shard

9:08/Consumable : Ember

9:11/Kukri 9 ea

9:26/Material : Titanite Shard

9:48/Charcoal Pine Resin 2 ea

9:54/Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse(400 Souls)

10:04/Covenant : Warrior of Sunlight

10:06/Consumable : Estus Soup

10:11/Shortcut : Estus Soup's Room

10:53/Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse(400 Souls)

11:15/Shield : Caduceus Round Shield

11:42/Material : Titanite Shard

11:50/Bonfire : Cliff Underside





M12. Undead Settlement Part 2



0:34/Weapon : Partizan

0:55/NPC : Cornyx

0:58/Weapon : Hand Axe

2:27/Soul of an Unknown Traveler(800 Souls)

2:35/Ring : Flame Clutch Ring

4:06/Fading Soul(50 Souls)

4:34/Firebomb 6 ea

4:42/Shield : Plank Shield

4:57/Homeward Bone 2 ea

5:23/Ring : Flame Stoneplate Ring

5:38/NPC : Road to Mound-Makers

6:50/NPC : Hodrick

7:33/Covenant : Mound-Makers

8:02/Homeward Bone

8:19/Shield : Wargod Wooden Shield

8:42/NPC : Greirat

9:23/NPC : Cornyx

9:47/Weapon : Pyromancy Flame

10:01/Spell : Flash Sweat

11:44/Gesture : Curl Up

12:07/Gesture : Welcome

12:27/NPC : Yoel

13:57/Gesture : Beckon





M13. Undead Settlement Part 3



0:49/Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse(400 Souls)

1:20/Consumable : Ember

2:30/Weapon : Caestus

2:34/Locker Door : Grave Key

2:42/Ring : Bloodbite Ring

2:55/Shortcut : Dilapidated Bridge

3:03/Bonfire : Dilapidated Bridge

4:40/Consumable : Ember

5:41/Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse(400 Souls)

5:53/Alluring Skull 3 ea

6:10/NPC : Eygon

7:35/NPC : Siegward

9:17/Consumable : Ember

9:39/Bonfire : Road of Sacrifices

10:28/Weapon : Irithyll Straight Sword

11:23/Soul of a Nameless Soldier(2,000 Souls)

11:33/NPC : The Giant

11:39/Event Item : Young White Branch

11:57/NPC : Siegward

14:09/Material : Fire Gem


14:56/Gesture : Toast

15:34/Gesture : Sleep

15:38/Homeward Bone





M14. Undead Settlement Part 4



0:32/Set Item : Northern Amor Set Item

0:38/Covenant Item : Pale Tongue

0:45/Weapon : Large Club

0:59/Red Bug Pellet 2 ea

1:30/Alluring Skull 2 ea

2:39/Human Pine Resin 4 ea

3:55/Ring : Flynn's Ring

4:11/Homeward Bone 2 ea

4:23/Ring : Chloranthly Ring

4:33/Set Item : Mirrah Set item

6:41/Weapon : Saint's Talisman

7:05/NPC : Irina

7:56/Gesture : Prayer

8:57/Shortcut : Irina's Prison

11:01/Material : Crystal Lizard - Heavy Gem

11:11/Material : Titanite Shard 2 ea

12:19/Soul of an Unknown Traveler(800 Souls)

12:33/Weapon : Red Hilted Halberd

12:42/Armor : Loincloth

13:14/NPC : Statue of Velka

14:33/Shield : Blessed Red and White Shield +1+1





M15. Undead Settlement Part 5



0:27/NPC : Irina

1:56/Dark Spirit : Holy Knight Hodrick

4:13/Multi Item : Vertebra Shackle

4:37/Material : Crystal Lizard - Sharp Gem

5:00/Rusted Coin 2 ea

5:38/Material : Titanite Shard

7:15/Weapon : Whip

7:40/Material : Titanite Shard

7:59/Soul of an Unknown Traveler(800 Souls)

8:45/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

8:53/Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse(400 Souls)

8:56/Young White Branch 3 ea

9:03/Fading Soul(50 Souls)

9:03/Consumable : Ember

9:08/Weapon : Reinforced Club

9:37/Set Item : Cleric Set Item

9:37/Shield : Blue Wooden Whield

9:47/Event Item : Grave Warden's Ashes

10:21/Weapon : Great Scythe

10:42/Shortcut : Curse-rotted Greatwood





M17. Curse-rotted Greatwood



2:14/Event Item : Transposing Kiln

2:14/Consumable : Soul of the Rotted Greatwood

3:13/Bonfire : Pit of Hollows





M18. NPC Event after Greatwood



0:20/NPC : Hawkwood

2:06/Material : Heavy Gem

2:29/NPC : Ludleth

4:16/NPC : Greirat

5:39/NPC : Leonhard

7:24/Key : Lift Chamber Key





M19. Liftroom and Leonhard



0:55/Locker Door : Lift Chamber Key

1:28/Multi Item : Red Eye Orb

2:26/NPC : Leonhard

2:36/Gesture : Applause





M20. Darksword Farming



2:58/Weapon : Dark Sword





M21. Road of Sacrifices Part 1



0:37/Material : Shriving Stone

0:46/Soul of an Unknown Traveler(800 Souls)

1:22/Weapon : Brigand Axe

1:33/Weapon : Butcher Knife

1:38/Set Item : Brigand Set Item

2:16/Weapon : Brigand Twindaggers

2:46/Material : Titanite Shard

3:23/Consumable : Ember

4:12/Ring : Morne's Ring

4:16/Event Item : Braille Divine Tome of Carim

4:52/Bonfire : Halfway Fortress

4:58/NPC : Horace

5:02/Covenant : Blue Sentinels

5:09/NPC : Anri

6:42/NPC : Sirris





M22. Road of Sacrifices Part 2



1:01/Soul of an Unknown Traveler(800 Souls)

2:19/Set Item : Sellsword Set Item

2:26/Weapon : Sellsword Twinblades

2:37/Event Item : Farron Coal

4:20/Ring : Great Swamp Ring

4:38/Set Item : Conjurator Set Item

4:40/Event Item : Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome

4:46/Dark Spirit : Yellowfinger Heysel

5:33/Armor : Xanthous Crown

5:33/Weapon : Heysel Pick 

5:50/Green Blossom 4 ea

6:55/Shield : Grass Crest Shield

7:23/Green Blossom 2 ea

7:46/Ring : Sage Ring

7:51/Set Item : Sorcerer Set Item

8:38/Material : Crystal Lizard - Crystal Gem

8:55/Ring : Ring of Sacrifice

9:11/Shield : Golden Falcon Shield

9:19/Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler(1,000 Souls)

10:15/Weapon : Great Club

11:00/Weapon : Exile Greatsword

11:09/Homeward Bone 2 ea

11:23/Bonfire : Farron Keep

12:14/Set Item : Fallen Knight Set Item





M23. Road of Sacrifices Part 3



1:33/Material : Titanite Shard

1:53/Material : Titanite Shard

2:19/Material : Titanite Shard

2:36/Shield : Twin Dragon Greatshield

3:17/Fading Soul(50 Souls)

3:26/Bonfire : Crucifixion Woods

4:01/Consumable : Estus Shard

4:24/Consumable : Ember

4:36/Soul of an Unknown Traveler(800 Souls)

5:07/Weapon : Heretic's Staff

6:07/NPC : Orbeck

7:37/Blue Bug Pellet 2 ea

8:53/White Pantom : Eygon of Carim

9:19/Dark Spirit : Holy Knight Hodrick

13:22/NPC : Orbeck





M24. Crystal Sage



2:13/Consumable : Soul of a Crystal Sage

2:32/Bonfire : Crystal Sage





M25. Cathedral of the Deep Part 1



0:29/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

0:35/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

1:57/Set Item : Herald Set Item

2:09/Bonfire : Cathedral of the Deep

3:06/Event Item : Paladin's Ashes

3:21/Material : Titanite Shard

3:45/Shield : Great Shield

4:06/Shield : Spider Shield

5:12/Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler(1,000 Souls)

5:56/Bonfire : Cleansing Chapel

6:04/Weapon : Notched Whip

6:20/Consumable : Estus Shard

7:00/Weapon : Astora Greatsword

7:21/Fading Soul(50 Souls)

7:21/Weapon : Executioner's Greatsword

8:27/Young White Branch 2 ea

8:32/Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler(1,000 Souls)

8:35/Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler(1,000 Souls)

8:41/Repair Powder 3 ea

8:45/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

9:01/Shield : Curse Ward Greatshield

9:13/Material : Titanite Shard

9:27/Shortcut : Ladder to Cathedral

10:10/Weapon : Saint-tree Bellvine

10:42/Material : Titanite Shard

10:46/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

10:59/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

11:20/Material : Titanite Shard

11:27/Material : Ravenous Crystal Lizard - Titanite Scale

12:12/Ring : Poisonbite Ring

12:27/Material : Titanite Shard





M27. Symbol of Avarice Farming



5:14/Armor : Symbol of Avarice





M29. Cathedral of the Deep Part 2



1:27/Rusted Coin 2 ea

1:35/Red Bug Pellet

3:57/Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler(1,000 Souls)

5:00/Red Bug Pellet 3 ea

5:52/Undead Hunter Charm 3 ea

7:12/Soul of a Nameless Soldier(2,000 Souls)

9:12/Consumable : Ember

9:43/Duel Charm

10:55/Material : Deep Gem

11:21/Shortcut : Lift to Giant's Room





M30. Cathedral of the Deep Part 3



2:06/Spell : Seek Guidance

2:43/Consumable : Ember

3:31/Event Item : Deep Braille Divine Tome

4:36/Ring : Aldrich's Sapphire

4:41/Consumable : Ember

5:11/Dark Spirit : Longfinger Kirk

5:48/Weapon : Barbed Straight Sword

5:48/Shield : Spiked Shield

6:58/Set Item : Maiden Set Item

7:12/Soul of a Nameless Soldier(2,000 Souls)

7:43/Weapon : Saint Bident

7:46/Homeward Bone 2 ea





M31. Cathedral of the Deep Part 4



0:25/Material : Large Titanite Shard

0:25/Dung Pie 4 ea

1:23/'Exploding Bolt 6 ea

1:27/Ring : Lloyd's Sword Ring

1:41/Soul of a Nameless Soldier(2,000 Souls)

3:54/Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler(1,000 Souls)

5:31/Set Item : Drang Set Item

5:42/Covenant Item : Pale Tongue

5:45/Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler(1,000 Souls)

5:56/Material : Large Titanite Shard

5:56/Dung Pie 4 ea

6:09/Weapon : Drang Hammers

6:37/Consumable : Ember

7:48/White Pantom : Anri of Astora

7:54/White Pantom : Horace the Hushed

8:36/Shortcut : Deacon of the Deep

9:01/Duel Charm 3 ea

10:01/Shortcut : The Upper Class of Cathedral 1

10:11/Shortcut : The Upper Class of Cathedral 2





M32. Cathedral of the Deep Part 5



1:23/NPC : Patches

4:03/Ring : Deep Ring

5:51/Weapon : Arbalest

6:07/Covenant Item : Pale Tongue

7:03/Material : Blessed Gem

8:32/Shortcut : Rosaria's Bed Chamber

8:34/NPC : Patches

9:29/Gesture : Prostration

9:45/Rusted Coin

10:04/Set Item : Catarina Set Item

10:40/Multi Item : Red Sign Soapstone

11:37/Bonfire : Rosaria's Bed Chamber

11:45/Set Item : Throne Set Item

11:50/NPC : Rosaria

11:59/Covenant : Rosaria's Fingers

12:46/NPC : Siegward

13:57/Gesture : Rejoice





M33. Deacons of the Deep



3:20/Event Item : Small Doll

3:20/Consumable : Soul of the Deacons of the Deep

3:35/Bonfire : Deacon of the Deep

3:45/Set Item : Deacon Set Item





M34. Tower of Firelink Shrine



0:25/Key : Tower Key

1:06/Multi Item : Seed of a Giant Tree

1:11/Locker Door : Tower Key

1:30/Shortcut : Roof of Firelink Shrine

2:11/Event Item : Fire Keeper Soul

2:33/NPC : Patches

3:55/Set Item : Fire Keeper Set Item

4:08/Ring : Estus Ring

4:14/Shortcut : Tower of Firelink Shrine

4:44/NPC : Patches

5:40/Rusted Gold Coin

6:32/NPC : Horace

6:35/NPC : Anri

9:33/Gesture : Patches Squat

10:18/Gesture : Call Over





M35. Farron Keep Part 1



0:40/Spell : Iron Flesh

1:08/Armor : Ragged Mask

1:32/Material : Titanite Shard

1:48/Shield : Stone Parma

2:41/Event Item : Sage's Coal

2:54/Rotten Pine Resin 4 ea

3:06/Prism Stone 10 ea

3:22/Consumable : Estus Shard

3:51/Material : Titanite Shard

4:22/Etc : Brazier

5:44/Material : Titanite Shard

6:01/Weapon : Greatsword

6:22/Purple Moss Clump 4 ea

6:47/Material : Titanite Shard

7:04/Purple Moss Clump 2 ea

7:09/Etc : Brazier

8:05/Bonfire : Keep Ruins

8:19/Material : Titanite Shard

9:43/Ring : Lingering Dragoncrest Ring

9:54/Armor : Crown of Dusk

9:58/Young White Branch 2 ea

10:04/Soul of a Nameless Soldier(2,000 Souls)

10:10/Consumable : Ember

10:16/Gold Pine Resin Bundle 6 ea

10:21/Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler(1,000 Souls)

11:17/Event Item : Sage's Scroll

12:18/Weapon : Black Bow of Pharis

12:40/Armor : Pharis' Hat

12:45/Material : Poison Gem





M36. Farron Keep Part 2



0:59/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

1:45/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

1:51/Hidden Place : Dreamchaser's Ashes

2:00/Event Item : Dreamchaser's Ashes

2:09/Bonfire : Old Wolf of Farron

2:18/Gesture : Legion Etiquette

2:26/Covenant : Watchdogs of Farron

3:50/Consumable : Soul of a Stray Demon

4:05/Consumable : Ember 2 ea

4:12/Weapon : Greataxe

4:55/Material : Crystal Lizard - Large Titanite Shard

5:03/Material : Crystal Lizard - Large Titanite Shard

5:09/Spell : Lightning Spear

5:14/Shield : Dragon Grest Shield

5:32/Material : Crystal Lizard - Heavy Gem

6:46/Covenant Item : Wolf's Blood Swordgrass

6:54/Weapon : Sunlight Talisman

7:02/Consumable : Estus Soup

8:10/Material : Titanite Shard 2 ea

8:24/Material : Titanite Shard

8:51/Set Item : Nameless Knight Set Item

9:01/Dark Spirit : Yellowfinger Heysel

11:48/Rusted Gold Coin

11:52/Etc : Brazier

12:49/Homeward Bone 2 ea

13:26/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

13:46/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

14:17/Repair Powder 4 ea

14:41/Event Item : Golden Scroll

14:46/Set Item : Antiquated Set Item





M37. Farron Keep Part 3



1:33/NPC : Orbeck

3:06/NPC : Sirris

3:38/Gesture : Darkmoon Loyalty

4:54/Material : Shriving Stone

6:04/Bonfire : Farron Keep Perimeter

7:02/Consumable : Ember

7:15/Black Bug Pellet 3 ea

9:34/Material : Ravenous Crystal Lizard - Titanite Scale

10:03/Shortcut : Farron Keep - Road of Sacrifices

10:10/Spell : Great Magic Weapon

10:26/Spell : Atonement

10:31/Material : Hollow Gem





M39. NPC Event before Watchers



0:43/NPC : Yoel

2:16/NPC : Yuria

2:39/Gesture : Dignified Bow

4:08/Event Item : Londor Braille Divine Tome

6:27/White Pantom : Londor Pale Shade

6:53/White Pantom : Black Hand Gotthard

7:01/White Pantom : Sirris

7:30/Gesture : By My Sword

8:53/Gesture : Duel Bow





M40. Abyss Watchers



6:18/Event Item : Cinders of a Lord

6:18/Consumable : Soul of the Blood of the Wolf

7:03/Bonfire : Abyss Watcher

9:22/Ring : Farron Ring





M41. Catacombs of Carthus Part 1



1:33/Carthus Rouge 2 ea

2:16/Event Item : Carthus Pyromancy Tome

2:26/Hidden Place : Carthus Pyromancy Tome's Room

2:52/Material : Sharp Gem

3:08/Soul of a Nameless Soldier(2,000 Souls)

4:24/Soul of a Nameless Soldier(2,000 Souls)

5:11/Material : Titanite Shard 2 ea

5:36/NPC : Anri

6:26/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

6:34/Bloodred Moss Clump 3 ea

6:57/Consumable : Ember

7:11/Etc : Rock Magician Skeleton

7:27/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

8:24/Ring : Carthus Milkring

10:55/Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler(1,000 Souls)

11:05/Consumable : Ember

11:18/Material : Large Titanite Shard

11:28/Bonfire : Catacombs of Carthus

11:49/Spell : Carthus Flame Arc





M42. Catacombs of Carthus Part 2



1:10/Consumable : Ember

1:15/Dark Spirit : Knight Slayer Tsorig

3:37/Gesture : My Thanks!

3:37/Ring : Knight Slayer's Ring

4:31/Ring : Carthus Bloodring

5:14/Material : Titanite Shard 2 ea

5:57/Hidden Place : Stairs to Second Floor

6:37/Event Item : Grave Warden's Ashes

7:08/Material : Large Titanite Shard

7:28/Carthus Rouge 3 ea

7:36/Etc : Rock Magician Skeleton

7:51/Material : Dark Gem

7:57/Material : Titanite Shard 2 ea

8:08/Material : Crystal Lizard - Fire Gem

8:28/Yellow Bug Pellet 3 ea

8:42/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

8:46/Black Bug Pellet 2 ea

8:51/Shortcut : High Lord Wolnir

9:17/NPC : Anri

10:21/Hidden Place : Ladder to Smouldering Lake





M43. Smouldering Lake Part 1



1:20/Consumable : Soul of a Demon

1:42/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

1:47/Material : Large Titanite Shard

2:55/Weapon : Black Blade

3:24/Armor : Old Sage's Blindfold

3:24/Ring : Witch's Ring

3:33/Bonfire : Abandoned Tomb

3:57/Material : Large Titanite Shard

4:06/Material : Large Titanite Shard

4:20/Hidden Place : Speckled Stoneplate Ring

4:32/Ring : Speckled Stoneplate Ring

5:22/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

5:22/Spell : Lightning Stake

5:50/Shield : Shield of Want

5:55/Material : Large Titanite Shard

6:11/White Pantom : Great Swamp Cuculus

6:22/Material : Large Titanite Shard

6:30/Bonfire : Demon Ruins

6:32/White Pantom : Knight Slayer Tsorig





M44. Old Demon King



3:20/Consumable : Soul of the Old Demon King

6:54/Bonfire : Old Demon King

7:41/Set Item : Cornyx Set Item

7:41/Weapon : Spotted Whip





M45. Smouldering Lake Part 2



1:32/Consumable : Ember

4:06/Consumable : Ember

5:06/Consumable : Ember

5:19/Bonfire : Old King's Antechamber

6:15/Material : Crystal Lizard - Chaos Gem

7:11/Event Item : Izalith Pyromancy Tome

7:34/Hidden Place : Estus Shard

7:45/Consumable : Estus Shard

9:14/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

9:49/Hidden Place : Black Knight's Room

10:11/Weapon : Black Knight Sword

10:55/Hidden Place : Lava Region

11:04/Event Item : Quelana Pyromancy Tome

11:52/Spell : Toxic Mist

12:01/Weapon : White Hair Talisman





M46. Smouldering Lake Part 3



1:16/Hidden Place : Large Titanite Shard 3 ea

1:20/Material : Large Titanite Shard 3 ea

1:23/Hidden Place : Izalith Staff

1:29/Weapon : Izalith Staff

1:57/Material : Titanite Scale

3:18/Weapon : Fume Ultra Greatsword

3:18/Shield : Blck Iron Greatshield

3:23/Spell : Sacred Flame

3:36/Consumable : Ember

4:41/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

5:21/Weapon : Dragonrider Bow

5:49/Homeward Bone 2 ea

7:26/Material : Large Titanite Shard

7:55/Titanite Shard 2 ea

8:03/Etc : Catapult Lever

9:20/Material : Chaos Gem

9:57/Material : Large Titanite Shard

10:02/Material : Large Titanite Shard

10:55/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

11:05/Material : Crystal Lizard - Titanite Chunk

11:18/NPC : Horace

11:32/Yellow Bug Pellet 2 ea

11:41/Material : Large Titanite Shard 2 ea

12:13/Shield : Llewellyn Shield

12:47/NPC : Anri

13:27/Ring : Ring of the Evil Eye

14:29/Ring : Hawk Ring





M47. High Lord Wolnir



3:31/Event Item : Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome

3:35/Consumable : Soul of High Lord Wolnir

4:38/Bonfire : High Lord Wolnir

5:08/Bonfire : Irithyll of the Boreal Valley





M49. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 1



1:31/Ring : Pontiff's Right Eye

1:50/Homeward Bone

1:53/Locker Door : Small Doll

1:59/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

2:02/Bonfire : Irithyll Central

2:11/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

2:42/White Pantom : Request - Sirris

4:16/NPC : Sirris

4:47/Ring : Silvercat Ring

4:47/Weapon : Blessed Mail Breaker





M50. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 2



0:28/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

1:09/Material : Large Titanite Shard

1:49/Budding Green Blossom

1:51/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

3:53/Material : Large Titanite Shard

4:36/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

4:41/Hidden Place : Hidden Guardrail

4:59/Material : Large Titanite Shard

5:28/Spell : Dorhys' Gnawing

5:32/Weapon : Witchtree Branch

5:36/Shortcut : Witchtree Branch

6:13/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

6:20/Material : Large Titanite Shard

6:32/Material : Large Titanite Shard

6:44/Bonfire : Yorshka Church

6:53/Covenant Item : Proof of a Concord Kept

6:58/NPC : Anri

7:34/Gesture : Quiet Resolve

7:59/Multi Item : Knight Register

8:21/Fading Soul(50 Souls)

8:31/Fading Soul(50 Souls)

8:34/Dark Spirit : Creighton the Wanderer

8:42/Homeward Bone 3 ea

8:45/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

9:24/Weapon : Dragonslayer's Axe

10:14/Set Item : Creighton Set Item





M51. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 3



1:13/Kukri 8 ea

1:21/Rusted Gold Coin

2:45/Blue Bug Pellet 2 ea

3:07/Material : Shriving Stone

3:29/Weapon : Yorshka's Spear

4:31/Material : Blood Gem

4:38/Hidden Place : Crystal Lizard

4:42/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

4:55/Green Blossom 3 ea

5:08/Ring : Ring of Sacrifice

5:31/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

5:56/Spell : Great Heal

6:18/Green Blossom 3 ea

6:29/Green Blossom

6:40/Bonfire : Distant Manor

7:42/Dung Pie 3 ea

7:58/Dung Pie 3 ea

8:20/Event Item : Greirat's Ashes

8:35/Event Item : Excrement-Covered Ashes

8:46/NPC : Siegward

9:22/Spell : Emit Force






M53. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 4



0:19/Consumable : Estus Soup

1:16/Material : Large Titanite Shard

1:16/Divine Blessing

2:04/Material : Large Titanite Shard 2 ea

2:33/Material : Large Titanite Shard 2 ea

2:54/Divine Blessing

2:59/Weapon : Smough's Great Hammer

3:05/Ring : Leo Ring

4:07/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

4:47/Material : Large Titanite Shard

4:59/Shortcut : Road to Pontiff Sulyvahn

5:56/Blue Bug Pellet 2 ea

6:14/Material : Large Titanite Shard

6:37/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

7:24/White Pantom : Londor Pale Shade

7:35/White Pantom : Black Hand Gotthard

7:44/White Pantom : Anri of Astora

8:03/Consumable : Ember

8:05/Shortcut : Pontiff Sulyvahn

8:33/Material : Lightning Gem

8:37/Hidden Place : Magic Clutch Ring

8:43/Ring : Magic Clutch Ring

9:06/Ring : Ring of the Sun's First Born

9:20/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

9:33/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)





M54. Pontiff Sulyvahn



2:44/Consumable : Soul of the Pontiff Sulyvahn

2:50/Bonfire : Pontiff Sulyvahn





M55. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 5



0:48/Ring : Young Dragon Ring

1:04/Gesture : Silent Ally

1:10/Ring : Slumbering Dragon Ring

3:45/Material : Large Titanite Shard

3:53/Material : Crystal Lizard 2 - Twinkling Titanite 2 ea

4:39/Ring : Dark Stoneplate Ring

5:25/Material : Large Titanite Shard

5:43/Shortcut : Second Floor

5:55/Material : Crystal Lizard - Simple Gem

6:40/Weapon : Golden Ritual Spear

8:34/Weapon : Drang Twinspears

9:42/Consumable : Ember

9:47/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

10:01/Material : Large Titanite Shard

10:08/Material : Large Titanite Shard

10:11/Consumable : Ember

10:25/Hidden Place : Ring of Favor, Aldrich Faithful

13:59/Ring : Ring of Favor

14:24/Covenant Item : Human Dregs

14:35/Material : Deep Gem

14:39/Bonfire : Water Reserve

14:49/Covenant : Aldrich Faithful





M56. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 6



0:26/Material : Titanite Scale

0:40/Material : Large Titanite Shard

3:57/Event Item : Easterner's Ashes

4:27/Material : Large Titanite Shard

4:42/Shortcut : Silver Knight

5:11/Weapon : Dragonslayer Greatbow

5:11/Dragonslayer Greatarrow 5 ea

6:06/Hidden Place : Place of Avowal

6:23/NPC : The Pilgrim

6:55/Event Item : Sword of Avowal

7:03/Set Item : Brass Set Item

7:24/Ring : Reversal Ring

7:32/Etc : Avowal Event

8:23/Event Item : Dark Sigil

8:41/Weapon : Anri's Straight Sword

9:03/Spell : Chameleon

9:22/Consumable : Ember

10:16/Bonfire : Anor Londo





M57. Prison Tower



0:37/Hidden Place : Prison Tower

0:46/Bonfire : Prison Tower

0:53/NPC : Yorshka

4:40/Weapon : Painting Guardian's Curved Sword

4:47/Set Item : Painting Guardian Set Item





M58. Anor Londo



1:18/Large Soul of a Weary Warrior(8,000 Souls)

1:54/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

2:15/Event Item : Giant's Coal

3:03/Covenant Item : Proof of a Concord Kept

5:40/Ring : Aldritch's Ruby

6:05/Consumable : Estus Shard

6:18/Moonlight Arrow 6 ea

6:26/Shortcut : Aldrich, Devourer of Gods





M59. Aldrich, Devourer of Gods



3:08/Event Item : Cinders of a Lord

3:08/Consumable : Soul of Aldrich

4:08/Bonfire : Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

4:32/Ring : Sun Princess Ring





M60. Sirris Event



1:34/White Pantom : Request - Sirris

3:11/Set Item : Sunset Set Item





M61. Irithyll Dungeon Part 1



1:10/Rusted Gold Coin

1:21/Material : Large Titanite Shard

1:41/Dark Spirit : Alva, Seeker of the Spurned

2:03/Weapon : Murakumo

2:15/Bonfire : Irithyll Dungeon

2:36/Rusted Coin

2:51/Material : Large Titanite Shard

3:13/Fading Soul(50 Souls)

3:48/Material : Large Titanite Shard

4:37/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

4:59/Set Item : Old Sorcerer Set Item

5:19/Spell : Great Magic Shield

6:03/Material : Large Titanite Shard

6:12/Pale Pine Resin 2 ea

6:27/Shortcut : Second Floor Door

6:41/Key : Jailbreaker's Key

7:24/Material : Simple Gem

8:18/Locker Door : Jailbreaker's Key

8:25/Ring : Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

8:48/Homeward Bone 2 ea

9:01/Material : Crystal Lizard - Titanite Scale

9:55/Consumable : Estus Shard

10:29/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

11:21/Material : Crystal Lizard - Titanite Chunk

11:26/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

12:55/Material : Large Titanite Shard

12:58/Spell : Profaned Flame

13:01/Material : Large Titanite Shard

13:42/NPC : Siegward

14:59/Material : Titanite Chunk

14:59/Dung Pie 4 ea

15:38/Shortcut : Giant - Bonfire





M62. Irithyll Dungeon Part 2



0:43/Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow 10 ea

1:13/Lightning Bolt 9 ea

1:38/Weapon : Pickaxe

1:55/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

2:08/Key : Old Cell Key

4:20/Ring : Dark Clutch Ring

4:53/Dung Pie 4 ea

5:30/Consumable : Dragon Torso Stone

5:49/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

5:52/Shortcut : Karla Prison

6:20/Spell : Lightning Blade

7:10/Material : Large Titanite Shard

7:18/Consumable : Ember

7:26/Consumable : Ember

7:47/Event Item : Xanthous Ashes

7:51/Ring : Dusk Crown Ring

8:49/Material : Titanite Scale 2 ea

9:37/Event Item : Profaned Coal

10:09/Set Item : Alva Set Item

11:31/Large Soul of a Weary Warrior(8,000 Souls)

12:13/Gesture : Stretch Out

12:13/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

12:35/Bonfire : Profaned Capital





M63. Nude Souls! Jailer Robe Farming!



1:27/Armor : Jailer Robe

1:38/Armor : Loincloth





M64. Profaned Capital Part 1



0:44/Rusted Coin 2 ea

1:46/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

1:55/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite

2:05/Rusted Gold Coin

3:04/Material : Poison Gem

3:19/Ring : Cursebite Ring

3:41/Consumable : Purging Stone

4:11/Material : Shriving Stone

5:38/Weapon : Eleonora

6:55/Consumable : Purging Stone 3 ea

7:48/Set Item : Court Sorcerer Set Item

8:08/Weapon : Court Sorcerer's Staff 






M65. Profaned Capital Part 2



0:35/Event Item : Logan's Scroll

0:42/Spell : Wrath of the Gods

1:26/Key : Jailer's Key Ring

1:55/Poison Arrow 18 ea

2:11/Locker Door : Old Cell Key

2:17/Ring : Covetous Gold Serpent Ring

2:22/NPC : Siegward

2:43/Material : Titanite Slab

4:23/Onislayer Greatarrow 8 ea

4:31/Weapon : Omnislayer Greatbow

4:49/Rusted Coin

4:59/Rusted Coin

6:23/Large Soul of a Weary Warrior(8,000 Souls)

8:09/Consumable : Ember

8:53/Shield : Greatshield of Glory 

9:19/Rusted Gold Coin 2 ea





M66. Yhorm the Giant



1:44/Weapon : Storm Ruler

7:41/Event Item : Cinders of a Lord

7:41/Consumable : Soul of Yhorm the Giant


9:23/NPC : Emma

9:38/Event Item : Basin of Vows

10:49/Weapon : Storm Ruler

10:49/Shield : Pierce Shield

10:57/Set Item : Catarina Set Item





M67. Dancer of Boreal Vally



4:38/Consumable : Soul of the Dancer

4:45/Bonfire : Dancer of the Boreal Valley





M68. Lothric Castle Part 1



1:44/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

2:48/Consumable : Estus Shard

2:57/Material : Titanite Chunk

5:06/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

6:03/Bonfire : Lothric Castle

6:11/Shortcut : Consumed King's Garden, Dragonslayer Armour

6:51/Set Item : Prayer Set Item

6:57/Material : Titanite Chunk

7:36/Material : Titanite Chunk

8:24/Material : Twinkling Titanite

8:34/Hidden Place : Winged Knight's Room

8:40/Set Item : Winged Knight Set Item

8:45/Shield : Sacred Bloom Shield





M69. Lothric Castle Part 2



1:17/Large Soul of a Weary Warrior(8,000 Souls)

1:26/Material : Titanite Chunk 2 ea

1:44/Bonfire : Dragon Barracks

1:50/Consumable : Ember

3:04/Weapon : Greatlance

3:30/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

3:41/Material : Twinkling Titanite 2 ea

3:45/Material : Titanite Chunk 2 ea

4:00/Lightning Urn 3 ea

4:04/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite 2 ea

5:31/Weapon : Sniper Crossbow

5:31/Sniper Bolt 11 ea

5:41/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)





M70. Lothric Castle Part 3



0:33/Material : Titanite Chunk

2:50/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

2:58/Material : Raw Gem

3:43/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

4:54/Material : Titanite Chunk 2 ea

4:54/Consumable : Ember 2 ea

4:59/Large Titanite Shard

5:11/Material : Titanite Chunk

5:22/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite 2 ea

5:40/Material : Titanite Scale

5:58/Lightning Urn 6 ea

6:04/Consumable : Ember

6:08/Material : Refined Gem

6:15/Consumable : Ember

8:57/Weapon : Irithyll Rapier

9:18/Material : Twinkling Titanite 3 ea

9:29/Shield : Spirit Tree Crest Shield

9:34/Material : Titanite Scale





M71. Lothric Castle Part 4



0:27/Black Firebomb 3 ea

1:06/Material : Titanite Scale

1:38/Material : Titanite Scale 3 ea

1:41/Pale Pine Resin

1:50/Shortcut : Lothric Castle Door

1:56/Large Soul of a Weary Warrior(8,000 Souls)

3:19/Consumable : Ember

3:58/Covenant Item : Sunlight Medal

4:02/Shortcut : Dragonslayer Armour

5:44/Material : Titanite Chunk 2 ea

5:44/Consumable : Ember 2 ea

5:57/Material : Titanite Chunk

7:05/Ring : Knight's Ring

7:47/Material : Titanite Scale 3 ea

7:50/NPC : Altar of Sunlight

7:53/Gesture : Praise the Sun

8:00/Shortcut : Altar of Sunlight

8:16/White Pantom : Sirris of the Sunless Realms

8:35/Large Titanite Shard

8:39/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

9:08/Weapon : Sunlight Straight Sword

9:16/Event Item : Braille Divine Tome of Lothric

10:04/Rusted Coin 2 ea

10:09/Material : Titanite Scale

10:19/Ring : Red Tearstone Ring

10:34/Weapon : Caitha's Charm





M72. Dragonslayer Armour



4:12/Consumable : Soul of Dragonslayer Armour

4:29/Bonfire : Dragonslayer Armour





M73. Consumed King's Garden



3:29/Ring : Ring of Sacrifice

3:55/Black Firebomb 2 ea

4:02/Weapon : Claw

4:04/Set Item : Shadow Set Item

4:14/Human Pine Resin

4:22/Material : Dark Gem

4:35/Material : Titanite Chunk

4:42/White Pantom : Hawkwood the Deserter

4:51/Material : Titanite Chunk

4:56/Human Pine Resin 2 ea

5:37/Material : Titanite Scale

6:15/Material : Titanite Chunk

6:18/Shortcut : Oceiros, the Consumed King

7:07/Ring : Dragonscale Ring

8:05/Ring : Magic Stoneplate Ring 





M74. Oceiros, the Consumed King



3:53/Consumable : Soul of Consumed Oceiros

4:02/Bonfire : Oceiros, the Consumed King





M75. Untended Graves



0:44/Gesture : Path of the Dragon 

0:49/Material : Titanite Scale

0:58/Material : Titanite Scale

1:00/Hidden Place : Untended Graves

1:11/Bonfire : Untended Graves

1:22/Material : Shriving Stone

1:49/Ring : Ashen Estus Ring

2:09/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

2:46/Material : Titanite Chunk

3:08/Material : Titanite Chunk

3:13/Dark Spirit : Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild

5:28/Material : Ravenous Crystal Lizard - Titanite Scale 2 ea

6:11/Material : Ravenous Crystal Lizard - Titanite Scale 2 ea

9:21/Hidden Blessing

9:49/White Pantom : Sword Master





M76. Champion Gundyr



4:47/Consumable : Soul of Champion Gundyr

4:56/Weapon : Black Knight Glaive

5:02/Bonfire : Champion Gundyr

7:13/Ring : Hornet Ring

7:35/Weapon : Chaos Blade

8:00/Shield : Black Knight Shield

8:07/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

8:37/Consumable : Coiled Sword Fragment

8:44/NPC : Shrine Handmaid

9:34/Weapon : Blacksmith Hammer

9:48/Hidden Place : Eyes of a Fire Keeper

9:54/Event Item : Eyes of a Fire Keeper

10:14/Event Item : Hollow's Ashes





M77. Archdragon Peak Part 1



0:25/Locker Door : Jailer's Key Ring

0:30/Rusted Gold Coin

1:34/Locker Door : Jailer's Key Ring

1:39/Event Item : Prisoner Chief's Ashes

3:02/Locker Door : Jailer's Key Ring

3:16/NPC : Karla

4:44/Hidden Place : Place of the Path of the Dragon Gesture

5:55/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

6:30/Material : Lightning Gem

6:40/Homeward Bone 2 ea

7:26/Material : Titanite Chunk

7:33/Consumable : Ember

7:36/Bonfire : Archdragon Peak

7:46/Soul of a Nameless Soldier(2,000 Souls)

7:51/Material : Titanite Chunk

8:35/Shield : Ancient Dragon Greatshield

8:41/Material : Titanite Chunk

9:05/Ring : Lightning Clutch Ring

9:26/NPC : Karla





M78. Ancient Wyvern



1:51/Material : Twinkling Titanite 2 ea

2:28/Consumable : Dragon Head Stone

3:08/Bonfire : Dragon-Kin Mausoleum





M79. Archdragon Peak Part 2



0:45/Large Soul of a Weary Warrior(8,000 Souls)

0:52/Consumable : Ember 2 ea

0:58/Stalk Dung Pie 6 ea

1:08/Ring : Ring of Steel Protection

1:32/Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier(3,000 Souls)

1:46/Lightning Urn 4 ea

2:38/Material : Titanite Chunk

2:45/Material : Twinkling Titanite 2 ea

3:18/Dung Pie 3 ea

4:21/Material : Titanite Chunk 2 ea

4:31/Lightning Bolt 12 ea

6:38/Shortcut : Archdragon Peak - Dragon-Kin Mausoleum

7:48/Weapon : Drakeblood Greatsword

8:09/Material : Titanite Scale

8:24/Material : Titanite Scale

8:37/Material : Titanite Scale

8:45/Hidden Place : Place of the Path of the Dragon Gesture

8:54/Ring : Calamity Ring

9:12/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

9:21/Weapon : Dragonslayer Spear

10:43/Ring : Thunder Stoneplate Rin

11:23/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite 3 ea

11:32/Material : Titanite Scale 3 ea

12:09/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)





M80. Archdragon Peak Part 3



1:07/Material : Titanite Chunk 6 ea, Titanite Scale 3 ea, Twinkling Titanite 3 ea

2:09/Weapon : Ricard's Rapier

2:27/Bonfire : Great Belfry

3:12/Material : Twinkling Titanite 3 ea

5:01/Weapon : Dragon Tooth

5:01/Shield : Havel's Greatshield

5:10/Material : Titanite Slab

5:43/Spell : Great Magic Barrier

6:14/Set Item : Havel Set Item

6:42/Set Item : Drakeblood Set Item





M81. Archdragon Peak Part 4



0:46/Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(20,000 Souls)

0:58/Consumable : Ember

4:55/Event Item : Dragon Chaser's Ashes

5:17/Hidden Place : Place of the Path of the Dragon Gesture

5:28/Consumable : Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone

6:13/Etc : Great Belfry

7:48/White Pantom : Hawkwood

8:29/Event Item : Hawkwood's Swordgrass

8:48/NPC : Hawkwood

9:51/Consumable : Twinkling Dragon Head Stone





M82. The Nameless King



7:00/Consumable : Soul of the Nameless King

8:08/Bonfire : Nameless King

8:17/Material : Titanite Slab

8:36/Set Item : Dragonslayer Set Item





M83. Grand Archives Part 1



0:24/Material : Titanite Chunk

0:36/Bonfire : Grand Archives

0:43/Key : Grand Archives Key

0:43/Weapon : Gotthard Twinswords

0:47/Locker Door : Grand Archives Key

1:21/Material : Crystal Lizard - Crystal Gem, Twinkling Titanite

1:39/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

2:13/Material : Titanite Scale

2:22/Material : Titanite Chunk

3:11/Weapon : Crystal Chime

3:17/Material : Titanite Chunk 2 ea

3:50/Etc : Beeswax

4:06/Soul of a Nameless Soldier(2,000 Souls)

4:11/Material : Crystal Lizard 2 - Chaos Gem, Twinkling Titanite 3 ea

4:23/Hidden Place : Witch's Locks, Power Within

4:35/Weapon : Witch's Locks

4:39/Spell : Power Within

4:55/Material : Titanite Scale

5:05/Material : Titanite Chunk

5:11/Shortcut : Ladder

5:15/Material : Crystal Lizard - Twinkling Titanite 2 ea

5:22/Hidden Place : Titanite Slab Lever

5:36/Homeward Bone 3 ea

6:02/Event Item : Crystal Scroll

6:16/Material : Titanite Scale

6:43/Weapon : Avelyn

7:21/Etc : Beeswax

7:29/Material : Titanite Chunk

8:12/Material : Titanite Scale

8:22/Hidden Place : Boreal Outrider Knight

8:29/Material : Titanite Scale

8:39/Material : Shriving Stone

8:47/Hidden Place : Scholar Ring

8:53/Ring : Scholar Ring

9:52/Shortcut : Liftroom

10:25/Material : Crystal Lizard - Titanite Scale 2 ea

10:43/Material : Titanite Slab

13:24/Set Item : Outrider Set Item

13:36/Spell : Soul Stream





M84. Grand Archives Part 2



1:04/Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(20,000 Souls)

1:13/Material : Titanite Scale 3 ea

1:29/Material : Crystal Lizard - Refined Gem, Twinkling Titanite

1:35/Ring : Fleshbite Ring

2:54/Material : Titanite Chunk

3:28/Soul of a Weary Warrior(5,000 Souls)

4:00/Material : Crystal Lizard 2 - Refined Gem, Sharp Gem, Twinkling Titanite 2 ea

5:48/Material : Hollow Gem

5:59/Material : Titanite Chunk

6:32/Event Item : Greirat's Ashes

6:39/Material : Titanite Scale 3 ea

8:13/Material : Titanite Chunk





M85. Grand Archives Part 3



0:25/Consumable : Ember

0:28/Consumable : Undead Bone Shard

0:35/Shortcut : Ladder

0:40/Etc : Beeswax

1:02/Material : Titanite Chunk 2 ea

3:29/Shield : Golden Wing Crest Shield

3:41/Weapon : Onikiri and Ubadachi

3:43/Weapon : Sage's Crystal Staff

3:50/Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(20,000 Souls)

4:01/Shortcut : Grand Archives Bonfire - Golden Winged Knight





M86. Grand Archives Part 4



3:14/Material : Titanite Slab

3:28/Consumable : Estus Shard

3:54/Ring : Hunter's Ring

4:22/Spell : Divine Pillars of Light

4:39/Material : Blessed Gem

5:09/Material : Twinkling Titanite 3 ea

5:13/Divine Blessing

6:02/Soul of a Crestfallen Knight(10,000 Souls)

10:56/White Pantom : Orbeck of Vinheim

11:28/White Pantom : Sirris of the Sunless Realms

11:45/Shortcut : Lothric, Younger Prince

12:57/Material : Titanite Slab





M88. Lorian and Lothric



7:00/Event Item : Cinders of a Lord

7:00/Consumable : Soul of the Twin Princes





M89. NPC Event after Grand Archives



1:35/Event Item : Orbeck's Ashes

2:23/Weapon : Morion Blade

2:55/Weapon : Sunless Talisman

3:01/Shield : Sunset Shield

3:27/Shield : Hawkwood Shield





M90. Rosaria and Leonhard



0:20/Weapon : Heysel Pick 

0:20/Armor : Xanthous Crown

0:52/NPC : Leonhard

1:54/Event Item : Black Eye Orb

4:23/Event Item : Soul of Rosaria

4:25/Weapon : Crescent Moon Sword

4:25/Armor : Silver Mask





M91. Irina and Eygon



2:13/Event Item : Deep Braille Divine Tome, Londor Braille Divine Tome

2:24/NPC : Irina

4:18/NPC : Eygon

6:19/Weapon : Morne's Great Hammer

6:19/Shield : Moaning Shield





M92. Kiln of the First Flame



3:13/Bonfire : Flameless Shrine

3:39/Bonfire : Kiln of First Flame

3:55/White Pantom : Londor Pale Shade

4:04/White Pantom : Yuria of Londor

4:47/Ring : Skull Ring





M93. Soul of Cinder



4:35/Consumable : Soul of the Lords





M94. The Usurpation of Fire



2:19/Weapon : Darkdrift

2:19/Set Item : Black Set Item





M95. The End of Fire



0:20/White Pantom : Fire Keeper

2:19/Route : Attack!

3:14/Route : Wait!





N101. Cemetery of Ash



0:15/Starting Bonfire : Opening

0:58/Ring : Speckled Stoneplate Ring +1

1:08/Starting Bonfire : Iudex Gundyr

1:17/Ring : Wolf Ring +2





N102. High Wall of Lothric



0:17/Starting Bonfire : Tower on the Wall

0:58/Ring : Fleshbite Ring +1

1:38/Ring : Ring of the Evil Eye +2





N103. Undead Settlement



0:17/Starting Bonfire : Dilapidated Bridge

0:36/Ring : Poisonbite Ring +1

0:39/Starting Bonfire : Road of Sacrifices

1:43/Ring : Life Ring +1

2:59/Ring : Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2





N104. Road of Sacrifices



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Road of Sacrifices

0:35/Ring : Chloranthy Ring +2

1:54/Ring : Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +1





N105. Cathedral of the Deep



0:17/Starting Bonfire : Cleansing Chapel

1:24/Ring : Ring of Favor +2

3:03/Ring : Ring of the Evil Eye +1





N106. Farron Keep



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Farron Keep

0:51/Ring : Magic Stoneplate Ring +1

1:24/Etc : Brazier

2:47/Etc : Brazier

3:37/Etc : Brazier

3:55/Ring : Dark Stoneplate Ring +2

4:50/Ring : Wolf Ring +1





N107. Catacombs of Carthus



0:17/Starting Bonfire : Abyss Watcher

0:46/Ring : Ring of Steel Protection +2

1:42/Ring : Thunder Stoneplate Ring +1





N108. Smouldering Lake



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Demon Ruins

0:54/Ring : Flame Stoneplate Ring +2

3:18/Ring : Bloodbite Ring +1





N109. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Yorshka Church

0:40/Ring : Chloranthy Ring +1

1:41/Ring : Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +1

3:35/Ring : Wood Grain Ring +2

3:47/Starting Bonfire : Pontiff Sulyvahn

4:11/Ring : Ring of Favor +1





N110. Prison Tower



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Prison Tower

0:44/Ring : Havel's Ring +2





N111. Irithyll Dungeon



0:17/Starting Bonfire : Irithyll Dungeon

0:35/Ring : Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1





N112. Profaned Capital



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Profaned Capital

0:29/Ring : Magic Stoneplate Ring +2

1:29/Ring : Flame Stoneplate Ring +1





N113. Lothric Castle



0:17/Starting Bonfire : Dragon Barracks

2:57/Ring : Life Ring +2

4:36/Ring : Dark Stoneplate Ring +1

5:28/Ring : Thunder Stoneplate Ring +2





N114. Consumed King's Garden



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Lothric Castle

1:33/Ring : Wood Grain Ring +1

2:03/Ring : Sage Ring +2





N115. Untended Graves



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Champion Gundyr

1:15/Ring : Life Ring +3

1:37/Ring : Ring of Steel Protection +1





N116. Archdragon Peak



0:17/Starting Bonfire : Nameless King

0:34/Ring : Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2

1:27/Ring : Havel's Ring +1





N117. Grand Archives



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Grand Archives

1:12/Ring : Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2

1:54/Ring : Sage Ring +1





O201. Spawn Yellowfinger Heysel



0:16/Starting Bonfire : Keep Ruins

0:34/White Pantom : Yellowfinger Heysel

0:54/Gesture : Proper Bow





O202. Horace and Anri



0:17/Starting Bonfire : Abandoned Tomb

1:52/Starting Bonfire : Catacombs of Carthus

2:41/NPC : Anri

3:38/NPC : Anri

3:45/Weapon : Anri's Straight Sword





O203. Yuria of Londol



0:19/Starting Bonfire : Distant Manor

1:41/Dark Spirit : Londor Pale Shade

1:59/Weapon : Manikin Claws

2:19/Starting Bonfire : Yorshka Church

2:32/NPC : The Pilgrim

2:44/Spell : Chameleon





O204. Anri and Aldrich



0:20/Starting Bonfire : Anor Londo

0:32/White Pantom : Request - Anri

2:52/NPC : Ludleth

3:06/NPC : Anri's Straight Sword

3:37/Starting Bonfire : Abandoned Tomb





O205. Eygon and Irina



1:47/Starting Bonfire : Iudex Gundyr

3:19/Weapon : Morne's Great Hammer

3:20/Shield : Moaning Shield

6:16/Armor : Morne's Gauntlets

7:30/Event Item : Irina's Ashes

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