[Eclipia] Dark Souls 3 100% Walkthrough | Beginner Guide!




New Game!


M1. [Item] Cemetery of Ash

M2. [Boss Fight] Iudex Gundyr

M3. [Item] Firelink Shrine

M4. [Item] Crow & Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

M5. [Item] High Wall of Lothric Part 1

M6. [Item] High Wall of Lothric Part 2

M7. [Item] High Wall of Lothric Part 3

M8. [Item] High Wall of Lothric Part 4

M9. [Boss Fight] Vordt of Boreal Vally

M10. [Farming] Lothric Knight Shield

M11. [Item] Undead Settlement Part 1

M12. [Item] Undead Settlement Part 2

M13. [Item] Undead Settlement Part 3

M14. [Item] Undead Settlement Part 4

M15. [Item] Undead Settlement Part 5

M16. [Farming] Farming with the Giant

M17. [Boss Fight] Curse-rotted Greatwood

M18. [Event] NPC Event after Greatwood

M19. [Event] Liftroom and Leonhard

M20. [Farming] Darksword Farming

M21. [Item] Road of Sacrifices Part 1

M22. [Item] Road of Sacrifices Part 2

M23. [Item] Road of Sacrifices Part 3

M24. [Boss Fight] Crystal Sage

M25. [Item] Cathedral of the Deep Part 1

M26. [Farming] Cleansing Chapel Farming

M27. [Farming] Symbol of Avarice Farming

M28. [Tip] Symbol of Avarice Souls Tip

M29. [Item] Cathedral of the Deep Part 2

M30. [Item] Cathedral of the Deep Part 3

M31. [Item] Cathedral of the Deep Part 4

M32. [Item] Cathedral of the Deep Part 5

M33. [Boss Fight] Deacons of the Deep

M34. [Item] Tower of Firelink Shrine

M35. [Item] Farron Keep Part 1

M36. [Item] Farron Keep Part 2

M37. [Item] Farron Keep Part 3

M38. [Farming] Farron Keep Perimeter Farming

M39. [Event] NPC Event before Watchers

M40. [Boss Fight] Abyss Watchers

M41. [Item] Catacombs of Carthus Part 1

M42. [Item] Catacombs of Carthus Part 2

M43. [Item] Smouldering Lake Part 1

M44. [Boss Fight] Old Demon King

M45. [Item] Smouldering Lake Part 2

M46. [Item] Smouldering Lake Part 3

M47. [Item] High Lord Wolnir

M48. [Farming] Bridge before High Lord Wolnir Farming

M49. [Item] Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 1

M50. [Item] Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 2

M51. [Item] Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 3

M52. [Farming] Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Farming

M53. [Item] Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 4

M54. [Boss Fight] Pontiff Sulyvahn

M55. [Item] Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 5

M56. [Item] Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Part 6

M57. [Item] Prison Tower

M58. [Item] Anor Londo

M59. [Boss Fight] Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

M60. [Event] Sirris Event

M61. [Item] Irithyll Dungeon Part 1

M62. [Item] Irithyll Dungeon Part 2

M63. [Farming] Nude Souls! Jailer Robe Farming!

M64. [Item] Profaned Capital Part 1

M65. [Item] Profaned Capital Part 2

M66. [Boss Fight] Yhorm the Giant

M67. [Boss Fight] Dancer of Boreal Vally

M68. [Item] Lothric Castle Part 1

M69. [Item] Lothric Castle Part 2

M70. [Item] Lothric Castle Part 3

M71. [Item] Lothric Castle Part 4

M72. [Boss Fight] Dragonslayer Armour

M73. [Item] Consumed King's Garden

M74. [Boss Fight] Oceiros, the Consumed King

M75. [Item] Untended Graves

M76. [Boss Fight] Champion Gundyr

M77. [Item] Archdragon Peak Part 1

M78. [Boss Fight] Ancient Wyvern

M79. [Item] Archdragon Peak Part 2

M80. [Item] Archdragon Peak Part 3

M81. [Item] Archdragon Peak Part 4

M82. [Boss Fight] The Nameless King

M83. [Item] Grand Archives Part 1

M84. [Item] Grand Archives Part 2

M85. [Item] Grand Archives Part 3

M86. [Item] Grand Archives Part 4

M87. [Farming] Grand Archives Farming

M88. [Boss Fight] Lorian and Lothric

M89. [Event] NPC Event after Grand Archives

M90. [Event] Rosaria and Leonhard

M91. [Event] Irina and Eygon

M92. [Item] Kiln of the First Flame

M93. [Boss Fight] Soul of Cinder

M94. [Ending] The Usurpation of Fire

M95. [Ending] The End of Fire

M96. [Ending] To Link the First Flame




NG++ Rings



N101. [NG++ Rings] Cemetery of Ash

N102. [NG++ Rings] High Wall of Lothric

N103. [NG++ Rings] Undead Settlement

N104. [NG++ Rings] Road of Sacrifices

N105. [NG++ Rings] Cathedral of the Deep

N106. [NG++ Rings] Farron Keep

N107. [NG++ Rings] Catacombs of Carthus

N108. [NG++ Rings] Smouldering Lake

N109. [NG++ Rings] Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

N110. [NG++ Rings] Prison Tower

N111. [NG++ Rings] Irithyll Dungeon

N112. [NG++ Rings] Profaned Capital

N113. [NG++ Rings] Lothric Castle

N114. [NG++ Rings] Consumed King's Garden

N115. [NG++ Rings] Untended Graves

N116. [NG++ Rings] Archdragon Peak

N117. [NG++ Rings] Grand Archives




Another Route!



O201. [Another Routes] Spawn Yellowfinger Heysel

O202. [Another Routes] Horace and Anri

O203. [Another Routes] Yuria of Londol

O204. [Another Routes] Anri and Aldrich

O205. [Another Routes] Eygon and Irina